Automatic Cat Drinking Fountain 2l Puppy Cat Drinking Fountain

Automatic Cat Drinking Fountain 2l Puppy Cat Drinking Fountain

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Features: [2 water outlet modes] This cat and dog water dispenser has 2 water flow modes: spring mode, which increases the contact surface between water and air and adds more oxygen to the water.Standard tap mode can boost the cats instinct to find fresh, running water, encouraging and prompting it to drink more water than before. With a 6 tilted surface design, animals can drink water to protect their cervical spine. [Large capacity] 2 liter cat water dispenser, suitable for dogs, cats and several families of pets. There is no need to renew the water frequently, and it can store water for a week, and there is no need to worry about pets when you go out for a few days. The automatic cat fountains water tank cover with a capacity of 120ml can be used in an emergency. [Ultra-quiet pump, customizable water flow] The fountain pump is ultra-quiet, with adjustable water flow and low consumption. Component structure, easy to install. Please use the cleaning kit to clean the pump once a week. USB interface, the output voltage is only 5V, safe and no leakage. Two charging methods, you can use our equipped socket for charging, you can connect to computer, mobile power, etc.

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