Boston Red Sox X Fresh Pawz Leash For Pet Dogs

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Boston Red Sox X Fresh Pawz Leash For Pet Dogs

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Boston Red Sox X Fresh Pawz Leash For Pet Dogs. Featuring the Classic Red and Blue Boston Cap Insignia and Signature Red Sox Logo, the Fresh Pawz Leash Provides a Durable D-ring Capable of Handling the Strongest of Dogs, While Its Padded Handle Provides a Comfortable Grip for You. Neoprene Padded Comfort Handle Dual Sided Sublimated Polyester Strap, Weather Resistant, & Soft Alloy Zinc D-Ring to Clip on Accessories Heavy Duty, Easy Grip Hook Stitch Cover to Protect the Stitching Featuring Reflective Strips for Excellent Night-time Visibility . Products are HANDMADE by our artisans, please allow some time for production specially for you. Price includes fast tracked express courier shipping worldwide.
  • هوية Fruugo: 56012669-113831273
  • EAN: 3503926781208
  • البائع: Slowmoose

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