Hot Sale Mini Drone Flynova Pro Flying Ball Toy, Adult And Child Flying Toy

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Hot Sale Mini Drone Flynova Pro Flying Ball Toy, Adult And Child Flying Toy

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Mini drone Flynova Pro flying ball toy, adult and child flying toy Description Stunt Magic Ball Toys- Throwing from different angles can reach different flying speeds and flight trajectories. Launch it upwards from 15 to 45, the stunt ball will fly back along the same direction to your hand - just like a Boomerang. Catch it with one hand and get ready to show off your next trick. Throw it in a 15 - 65 downward angle towards the target, then release the kid drone, and it will fly right towards the target. Lightweight and Simple Operation- Turn on the power button, shake to start and give it a tossThis boomerang ball is lightweight, flexible, and touchable. Easy to carry around and play anywhere, bringing endless fun for kids and teens. Safe and Fun Flying Toys- Our kids toys are made from non-toxic and high-grade ABS material, lightweight and bendable to withstand countless crashes. The propellers are hidden safely inside the Mini Drone, no worries about getting hurt in action. Super Fast USB Charge- This toy can be charged through any USB port, 30 minutes for a full charge and about 10 minutes for flying. The indicator light stays on when charging, and it goes out when fully charged. Novel Gift for Kids- Play with a partner or a whole group, go freestyle as you glide and pass the toy ball back and forth. Make things even more interesting by spicing up your catches and passes with different moves. A cant miss gift for boys and girls, as Christmas gift, birthday suprise, etc.

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