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Chopped Stainless Steel Blades

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1.Quality: High-quality ABS boxes are used as shelves and containers. Stainless steel and ABS containers are healthy and durable. The grinder has a sharp and rust-free ceramic core that can grind any spice easily and smoothly without changing the taste.2. [Design]: The herb grinder is comfortable to hold, you can chop or chop fresh herbs quickly and easily. Adjustable Precision Seasoning By turning the grinder on top of the adjustment knob, the intensity of the seasoning can be easily adjusted to achieve the perfect grind.3.Operation: Just use one hand to twist or operate the grinder to start, dispense your favorite spice, while the other hand is free to do the housework and the ongoing process of the grinder. Simple, efficient, convenient and portable.4. [Convenient]: Although the entire vanilla grinder can be washed in the dishwasher, it is best to take the parts apart to effectively clean all parts. The herb grinder cuts without scratches, bruises or stains and can be easily disassembled to load large quantities of fresh herbs5.Gift: It is also a good choice to give the vanilla grinder as a gift to family and friends. Perfect for chefs, home cooks, housewives and more. The ideal gift for anyone who loves to prepare delicious meals.

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