Franzis Verlag Raspberry Pi: Machs einfach! 978-3-645-60351-5 1 pc(s)

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Franzis Verlag Raspberry Pi: Machs einfach! 978-3-645-60351-5 1 pc(s)

Franzis Verlag Raspberry Pi: Machs einfach! 978-3-645-60351-5 1 pc(s)

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222 Instructions - 222 successful experiences Who as a maker something, the one must: With a Raspberry Pi bypass. With this book you can programming or electronics newbies can easily find a faster and smoother entry. Instead of wasting your time with long hours of google search run, you will find compact and topical all instructions for a solid basic knowledge.The book for the generation tl dr no matter whether to set up a media center, LEDs light up or the Raspberry Pi just for the first time welcome: Author Christian Immler is successful, various projects in compact, richly illustrated instructions step by step to explain. Even complex knowledge, it can clearly and suitable for beginners, the instructions will work with all models of the Raspberry Pi. All instructions have so little text as possible, are intuitive and to the point. Just right for all, who not only read, but want to make. Contents (excerpts):Install the operating system on the Raspberry Pi Retro games on the Raspberry Pi install and play - The Pi as work-PC View and edit photos, - Basic knowledge for the work with Linux Cloud Services Media center set up and manage - The Pi control with your smartphone - Minecraft and classic point-and-Click Adventures - The various pi-modelle and their differences WLAN set up and use USB sticks mount Housing for the Raspberry Pi build Web Server Setup - Raspberry Pi as a WLAN access point -Python programming - Programming in scratch - Electronic circuits without soldering LED-cubes - Arduino with the Raspberry Pi programmingThis text is machine translated.

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