Children's Instant Camera Thermal Printing Paper 10 Rolls Camera Film

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Children's Instant Camera Thermal Printing Paper 10 Rolls Camera Film

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Camera Film Product parameters: Material: paper Color: white Size: 57mm x 7m 57mm x 30mm Package list: 10 rolls of printing paper for children's cameras Refill Printing Paper: This is the refill paper for instant cameras. You can refill the paper when the camera runs out of paper. The package contains 10 rolls of white printing paper that can completely meet your needs. If you are using it for another camera, please check that the paper size is suitable before purchasing White printing paper is not only glossy, but also moderate in thickness, not easy to break and very durable. and it can also DIY children's painting to enhance the children's imagination and creativity. Environmentally friendly and safe: BPA-free. With the environmentally friendly material, safe and odorless, children can use it safely. Easy to replace: it's very easy to install, just need to pay attention to the direction of the printing paper, suitable for everyone. It won't print if installed in the wrong direction. When you close the lid, make sure there is paper around the edge of the lid Note: We send according to the color of the first picture and the quantity of the title. If the title is not written, follow the content in the description.

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