Challenge Medals Display Rack Wooden Storage Shelves

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Challenge Medals Display Rack Wooden Storage Shelves

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Drop shapehexagon
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feature:1.It can be used in living room, bedroom, gym, office, etc.It is marathon, gymnastics, football, dance, triathlon, wrestling, karate, hockey, volleyball, baseball, jiu-jitsu medals, etc.2. The new and improved design is different from the ordinary medal racks on the market, it is more practical, a single piece is small, high-end, and can be installed on demand. You can buy multiple pieces to form various patterns.3. Display the medals of honor obtained by individuals or children in the living room or bedroom, and decorate the room as both commemorative and beautiful.4. Wooden hexagonal design, easy to assemble and perfect to display medals, home decoration, convenient and practical.Specification:Material: splicing pinesize: Honeycomb shape (137.6mm*120mm*15mm)Drop shape (190mm*115mm*15mm)Weight: 120gColor: wood colorProducts include: 1 * hanger

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