Finger Soothing Anti-anxiety Toy Set

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Finger Soothing Anti-anxiety Toy Set

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Description Top toys for children and adults -Each fingertip toy is made of durable materials, It is safe for children and adults. Have fun and carefree. With international toy standards and certificates, These toys are carefree. A game to reduce stress and anxiety By simply playing, squeezing, Stretch and flip these irritating devices To relieve stress and anxiety. Each toy helps release and relieve stress. Boring or just passing the time. These are also very suitable for people with obsessive-compulsive disorder Or people with high levels of stress/anxiety. Multi-purpose travel toy -This is a stimulating toy for everyone from family or friends. It is also very portable. These irritable sensory toys Very suitable to bring into school, Classrooms and offices. Bring these when traveling or at church. Keep your hands and mind busy for a long time. Gifts for all ages and occasions These stimulating toys are very suitable Everyone from 5 to 8 years old. These are perfect gifts for birthday or party gifts. These are also excellent rewards and prizes for children.
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  • EAN: 762359594028
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