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Panda Decompression Toy

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Description Decompression toys-Mochi soft toys are very soft, The touch is super good, just like a jelly toy. It helps reduce anxiety and improve concentration, Childrens small toys, perfect mini toys, Can relieve stress and promote blood circulation in the hands. Multifunctional-Kawaii animal squeeze toy As gifts, birthday gifts, display samples, Relaxation toys, holiday items, collectibles, Preschool props, teaching aids, gift bag filling, Birthday party gifts, soft party gifts, etc. Very suitable for decoration. In your room, office, shop window or childrens party. Easy to clean-Mini soft squeeze toy Its not foamy, It is made of high-quality TPR material. So animal slimy toys If it is dirty, it can be washed directly with water. Just wash with a little soap for a few minutes, The dirt can be washed off. Cute & soft handle -The cutest pet design, Make mini animals soft and very attractive and cute, Every child will see it at first sight. Charms soft toys are realistic The appearance and soft handle, Once you start playing it, It may be difficult for you to stop pressing it.
  • هوية Fruugo: 61861617-124706711
  • EAN: 762359593984
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