Bread Animal Pendant Decompression Toy

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Bread Animal Pendant Decompression Toy

السعر: E£ ٧٢٤٫٠٠
E£ ٧٢٤٫٠٠ + E£ ٩١٫٤٩ الشحن

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Description Environmental protection materials All our squeeze toys are made of safe, Made of non-polluting materials, Polyurethane foam (PU foam), Super soft, cute appearance and inviting Rest assured pillow texture [Size] Length: 4-7cm at least one Jumbo. Color: The picture squeeze toy will randomly send a pattern. Multi-function Help relieve stress and anxiety, Help children with autism or ADHD to concentrate, Promote blood circulation in the hands. Can also be used for interior decoration or birthday Gifts for parties or other festivals. Reminder Don't eat don't try to tear if you don't like The smell of squeeze toys, Please put them before playing Keep it in a well-ventilated place for a few days Birthday Gift Its for children, adolescents and adolescents All are attractive adults. It is also suitable for collection, decoration and teaching aids.

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