Chrome Door Handle for Shower Enclosure - 17cm LENGTH / 14.5CM Hole to Hole

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Chrome Door Handle for Shower Enclosure - 17cm LENGTH / 14.5CM Hole to Hole

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Add style and flair to your shower enclosure with these high quality chrome plated brass handles. The contemporary curve really will add to any bathroom and shower enclosure.Measurements: - Length: 170mm - Width: 17mm - Depth (from shower door): 30mm - Distance between fixing holes: 145mmSold in singles / 1 handle per doorThis chrome shower door handle is perfect for shower enclosure doors either sliding, pivoting, or swinging. The chrome plating adds a degree of protection against corrosion from humidity. You can enjoy a good shower time as you can easily roll or swing your shower door open and shut.What makes this shower door replacement handle ideal?– It is easy to install (please see fitting instructions below).– Effortless opening and closing of a shower door.– The chrome coating protects the brass handle from corrosion.– It has a simple yet contemporary look.– Speedy delivery. Next day UK delivery option is available upon checkout. 3 Steps: Fitting the Chrome Shower Door Handle1. Remove the old handles. 2. Clean the shower door from where the handle once sat before installing the new one.3. Hold the replacement shower door handle against the door. (The half of the handle where the screw sticks out is the outer handle. And the other half where the screws go in must be on the inside of the shower door.) Use a Phillips screwdriver to affix the new handle in place. Do not overtighten but see to it that the handle is snug against the door.4. Clip the screw caps in place.Frequently Asked Questions: Replacement Shower Door HandleQuestion: Will this handle fit my shower door?Answer: This replacement handle will fit shower doors with fixing holes 145mm (14.5cm) apart. You should also check the diameter of the fixing holes in your door. Please send us a message for further details.If this shower handle does not fit in your door, we provide other back-to-back shower door replacement handles in different designs and measurements.
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