Electric Touch Sensor Soft Plush Toy

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Electric Touch Sensor Soft Plush Toy

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Description: Specifications: Product name: Jumping shrimp plush toy Weight: 163g Size: 35*21CM Rechargeable battery: polymer lithium battery Charging method: USB Charging voltage: 5V Battery capacity: 350 mA Fabric: Soft cloth Features: Three-way jump model Features: Magic tail The fun and relief of swinging Sensitive to the touch Paw activation beat One key switch motor core Feel comfortable and soft Shrimp cover can be washed notes: Movement is not waterproof Before washing cloth cover Please take out the movement Package included: 1 x Jumping shrimp plush toy
  • هوية Fruugo: 61861924-124707029
  • EAN: 762359589581
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