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Activits Ignite Rx

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IGNITERX IS YOUR DAILY MULTI VITAMIN AND MINERAL, THAT ALSO PACKS IN AMINO ACIDS AND GREENS INTO 1 SUPER HEALTHY SHOT Loaded with more effective doses than your usual multi vitamin, each shot also contains amino acids to help recover and build muscle mass, greens for general health, as well as ginseng and caffeine for an energy boost.  Why use a liquid supplement ? Absorption Your body absorbs liquids in a matter of minutes, as they don’t have to be broken down first like tablets. Better than that though, you receive a much higher percentage of the vitamins Convenience Many people struggle with the size of many tablets or capsules, especially as they get increasingly large to fit more in. No such issues with liquids, where you can just take a convenient ‘shot’  Dose A liquid vitamin allows much more to be included than a tablet, which can only be a certain size. As well as better quantities of vitamins and minerals, it is possible to add other beneficial ingredients like amino acids, and greens  Flexibility It is possible to adjust the quantity dose you are taking with liquids. If you want to take half the dose, this is much easier than breaking into a tablet Digestion Some tablets do not fully break and disintegrate, and can aggravate sensitive stomachs  Daily multi vitamin and mineral for an active lifestyle Effective doses to help optimize your training Liquid formulation for better absorption than tablets and capsules Amino acids for muscle growth Added greens for health Full strength formula for everyday nutrition to fuel your workouts 


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