Pineapple Shaped Decompression Toys

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Pineapple Shaped Decompression Toys

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Description relieve Stress: help You Relieve Work Pressure. reduce Appetite: the New Pressure Ball Can Relieve Stress And Reduce Appetite. release Bad Emotions: greatly Relieve The Pressure On The Hands And Wrist Toys. when You Feel Depressed, Angry Or Sad, squeeze The Toy To Release Bad Emotions. other Functions: help Irritable People Stay Busy And Sitting In Class, and Distract Observers Suffering From Anxiety Disorders. package Includes: 4 Office Simulation Pineapple Decompression Toys and Pressure Release Toys.
  • هوية Fruugo: 61861618-124706706
  • EAN: 762359594011
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