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Teddy Bear Office and travel Grey Dog Carrier

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If your pet doesn’t already love being carried, they’re about to This fuzzy little carrier is the perfect way to ensure your pet is comfortable and warm on the go. And when you’re all done with your adventures, the sides of the carrier roll down to create a cozy bed. So if you ever need travel to a hotel or a friend’s house with your furry companion, there’s no need to bring a bed as well. But of course, this wouldn’t be a Suzy’s product if the practical didn’t meet with amazing style. The gorgeous neutral colour of the faux fur is sure to match anything, while the classic silver hardware adds a timeless touch


العلامة التجارية Suzy's
الفئة نواقل & و أقفاص الحيوانات الأليفة
اللّون Grey
الحجم Small
هوية Fruugo 39181856-80248095
EAN 5060538180365
شبكة البيع الافتراضية لبائعي التجزئة BE0735526056

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