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Jute Shoulder Handbag

  • العلامة التجارية: Unbranded
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enjoy The Good Look Of This Fashionable, Lightweight Bag. Fully Lined With Coordinating Color. perfect To Take To The Pool, Beach, Park, Grocery Shopping Or On A Short Trip.leather Strap That Is Reinforced To Give You Peace Of Mind. small Pocket Inside To Keep Your Keys, Cell Phone, Lipstick Or Charger At Easy Reach.metal Clasp Makes It Very Convenient To Keep Everything In Place. great To Give To Your Mom, Daughter, Sister , Aunt Or Friend.

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Lianhuaxian Jiganwei Dianzishangwu Youxiangongsi

العنوان: Jiangxisheng Pingxiangshi Lianhuaxian qintingzhen Kangdaxilu, Pingxiangshi, 337000, الصين