Round Chrome Plated Hydromassage 1-way Water Body Shower Jet (D-6)

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Round Chrome Plated Hydromassage 1-way Water Body Shower Jet (D-6)

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Sold Individually.This one-way body jet will sit at the end of a sequence of body jets. This means that water will flow to this jet but not on to another jet. A two-way water jet matching this model is also available.This jet is directional meaning that the direction at which it sprays water can easily be changed. The jet has a small head with the round grey section having a diameter of 35mm. Water leaves the jet through a collection of green rubber nozzles on the surface.When the jet is installed flush with the shower wall it will protrude 29mm from the shower wall. The total distance from the front of the jet to the rear of the back white pipe is 65mm. The diameter of the chrome coated section is 52mm. The jet is attached to the wall of the shower from the rear and has a screw disc and rubber washer to secure it in place. It may be necessary to use sealant at the rear of the shower to ensure a water tight finish.

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