Round Shape Porthole For Boat/yacht/rv/industry Cars

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Round Shape Porthole For Boat/yacht/rv/industry Cars

السعر: E£ ١٬٧٩٩٫٠٠
E£ ١٬٧٩٩٫٠٠ والشحن مجاناً

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Round Shape Porthole For Boat/yacht/rv/industry Cars. Features: Round Shape Porthole for Boat/Yacht/RV/Industry Cars. Strong ABS Molded Design, Anti-Aging, Anti-Corrosive, Ultraviolet Resistant. 4mm(0.15inch) Thickness Tempered Glass,Strength, Clarity, and Chemical Resistance. Corrosion Free Synthetic Fittings and Durable Water-tight Rubber Seals. Easy "click-in" Construction,The Two Fittings Can Be Loosened to Allow You to Swing Open the Porthole. Easy to Install, Pre-drilled Countersunk Fastening Holes. Specifications: Open Style: Folding Type: Garden Windows Frame Material: Plastic Opening Pattern: Vertical Model Number: 1108 . We are an international based seller that will ship your order from abroad, please at least a minimum 21 working days for delivery right now due to the ongoing delays in shipments globally.
  • هوية Fruugo: 51868540-104488000
  • EAN: 3503915557371
  • البائع: Slowmoose

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