Tote Handbag For Work Quilted Pattern

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Tote Handbag For Work Quilted Pattern

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High-quality Material: Our tote bag is designed with luxury, high-quality PU Vegan Leather. You can purchase this bag guilt-free. The quality material is made to last for years, so it wont create unnecessary waste. For this reason, it makes a great, cruelty-free gift for friends and loved ones. Bonus Clutch: Our tote bag includes a matching zippered clutch. The clutch attaches to the inside of the bag and is removable. It can even be used separately for nights out. Inside the tote bag, you will also find a zipper pocket on the back wall and 2 slit pockets on the front wall. Perfect Size: This tote bag is spacious enough to hold everything you need for daily use. The inner pockets are large enough to hold money, cards, and smartphones like the iPhone 11 Pro Max, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10, or any other phone of a similar or smaller size. Versatile: This tote bag makes a great accessory for fashionable women who work hard and play hard. Its classy enough to take to work and school. It will hold a tablet or a small laptop. After work, pair your tote with your favorite dress for a date or night out with friends. This bag goes with any outfit
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