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Rusty Dog Throne - Round bed

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Exquisite piece of dog furniture, all round, very royally filled with premium hollow fibre. This dog bed is fully washable with a 360-degrees zipper to take off the cover, and is made from a Belgian rusty velvet, Belgian filling, and a Belgian zipper. As always all premium materials were used in the craft of this wonderful item.You will also find hand-cut leather handle, nicely finished with painted edges to finish it off.


العلامة التجارية Suzy's
الفئة أسرّة الكلاب
اللّون Rust
الحجم XL
هوية Fruugo 39181823-80248068
EAN 5060538184325
شبكة البيع الافتراضية لبائعي التجزئة BE0735526056

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