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Usb Charger Smart Watch

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Description Equipped with 1.3-inch high-definition color screen, IP67 waterproof rating and 27g weight, Lightweight and comfortable to wear during exercise. Built-in USB and up to 7 days battery life, To facilitate your daily travel. Features: [1.3-inch high-definition color screen] Equipped with a 1.3-inch bright color screen, Provides incredible color depth and excellent clarity. [High precision sensor] Accelerometer and heart rate sensor are the core technology of the watch, It has the characteristics of low power consumption and high precision. [Long battery life] It takes 2 hours to fully charge, and it can last for 7 days on a single charge. [IP67 Waterproof] Withstand splashing or immersion in water for a short time, Let you walk, run or dance in the rain without worries. [Upgrade optical heart rate sensor] Use upgraded sensors for accurate heart rate monitoring, [Fitness Tracker] Real-time record of your steps throughout the day, Activity distance and calorie consumption, Scientifically detect your exercise status, Help you adjust the intensity of exercise. [Sleep Monitoring] Support automatic sleep tracking, sleep stage analysis, Sleep schedule, sleep insight and alarm clock. [Real-time notification] Will remind you of the incoming call, you can reject the call with one click. Make sure you dont miss any news. [Lightweight and comfortable] It weighs only 27 grams, Allows you to record your body during exercise Obtain a comfortable experience when data and conditions are available. [Built-in USB charging] No need for charging cable and base. Remove the bracelet and insert the built-in USB plug USB charger for charging. Daily step goal, real-time pace and distance, Goal celebration, mobile reminder, smartphone notification, Stopwatch, lookup call, alarm clock, multi-dial, Rotate wrist detection, music control, shake to take pictures. Specifications: Color: black Shell material: ABS, PCB Material: TPUDial Size: 4.05*3.55*1.2cm / 1.59*1.39*0.47in Watch weight: 27g / 0.95oz Packing size: 13.6*8.9*2.9 / 5.35*3.5*1.14in Package weight: 109g / 3.84oz Packing list: 1 * Watch 1 * Strap 1 * User Manual (multi-language) Note: Not suitable for bathing and swimming. Do not press any buttons in the water. The product is manually measured. In case of measurement deviation, please refer to the actual product. Due to the light of the photo or other reasons, there may be slight differences between the picture and the actual object
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  • EAN: 755368611367
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