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Stimplus Pro - Electro-Acupuncture

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The Stimplus Pro is the top of the range professional version of the Stimplus. This amazing device is the latest in electro-acupuncture and applies the same principle as the age old Chinese therapy of acupuncture, without piercing the skin. Used by numerous Medical Professionals, the Stimplus Pro finds acupoints, and then stimulates away the pain electronically. Acupoints are detected with sound and light. 6 LED indicators on the top of the unit light up, one by one. The Stimplus also emits a low pitch sound which rises the closer you are to an acupoint. The Stimplus Pro is supplied with a wrist strap for professional use. Supplied with two lithium batteries, ear phone (so you can use the Stimplus without being overheard), carrying pouch, acupuncture charts, wrist straps and user manual. Technical Data: Intensity: 6 levels Stimulation Output (max intensity): 15mA (500 ohms load) Voltage: 6V Low Battery Indicator: 4.5V Pulse Rate: 150�s Power Source: 2 Lithium Batteries Pulse Width: 5/10/20Hz Battery life (30 Sec/cycle): 3,800 cycles Weight/Size: 50g, 17cm x 3.7cm x 1.5cm Peak Voltage (max intensity): 11.5V (500 ohms load) Timer option: 30, 60 seconds or manual Output (min intensity): 190�A (500 ohms load) Audio/Visual acupoint detection Contraindications: TENS/EMS units must not be used by patients using a demand type pacemaker. Pregnant women and patients who have any heart disease should seek medical advice before using TENS/EMS. Never use TENS/EMS to mask undiagnosed pain as this could require urgent treatment. TENS/EMS should NOT be used when driving or operating machinery. Supplied with English instructions only.


العلامة التجارية Body Clock
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