Super Bright Headlights And Led Taillights

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Super Bright Headlights And Led Taillights

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Description: specifications: material abs mode 3 Modes (headlights) 5 Modes (tail Light) charges usb Charging features: 1. Usb Rechargeable, Long Running Time. 2. Easy To Install: use An Expandable Rubber Book you Can Provide Any On The Bikethe Pole Even Makes Lights On The Helmet. 3. Through The Internal Structure they Are Safer And More Durable. 4. High Brightness: according To Different Headlight Installation Angles the Luminous Distance Can Reach 330 Feet 120 Degree Tail Light emits An Extraordinarily Broad Red Light makes People's Eyes Bright. package Includes: 1 X Bicycle Headlight 1 X Bicycle Tail Light 1 X Usb Data Cable
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