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Back Country Cuisine Apricot Crumble (Double)

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Back Country Cuisine - Freeze Dried food for any outdoor adventure, whether it be hiking in the mountains or camping with the family. A delicious dessert of apricot chunks cooked in a sauce and covered with malt crumbs, all in a lightweight pack. Explore all of the tasty, convenient food dishes in the Back Country Cuisine range designed especially for the outdoors adventurer. Coming from New Zealand, their meals consist of the finest ingredients, prepared to provide you a nourishing and sustaining meal out in the field. To Prepare: Mix packet contents with boiling water inside the pouch provided, stir and stand for at least 10 minutes. All food comes in a foil pouch that can be re-sealed to help to retain warmth while out in the elements. Ingredients: Biscuit crumb 33% [flour, margarine, sugar, malt, raising agent (500), flavour, antioxidant (306), acidity regulator, colour (150,155)], sugar, apricot 20%, modified maize starch (1442), canola oil Use with the JETBOIL Camp Cooking System Sizes Available: Double NET DRY WEIGHT DOUBLE 175g WEIGHT RECONSTITUTED DOUBLE 450g

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