Mavic Air 2s Nd Filters Set (cpl/nd16/nd32/nd64) For Dji Air 2s Drone

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Mavic Air 2s Nd Filters Set (cpl/nd16/nd32/nd64) For Dji Air 2s Drone

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Features: pplicabilityhe lens filters set is specially designed for DJI Air 2S DronePL Filtert is mainly used to eliminate harmful reflected light, and increase the color concentration. Such as enhances blue sky, highlights white clouds, makes the picture more thorough, improves image clarity and overall a more expressive and vivid photo.D Filterhe amount of light can be reduced when the light is too strong, so that the camera can select the correct exposure value and avoid overexposure. It can also increase the color saturation of the picture and make the picture more vividulti-layer coatingas excellent hand-grinding technology, good physical and chemical propertieshe use of high-end materials, excellent quality, can effectively protect the Air 2S camera, and can excellently complete the shooting under harsh conditions.? Pieceshe packing list is CPL/ND16/ND32/ND64, excluding Air 2S drones, 4 lens filters can provide you with more freedom to match and provide more choices for shooting Binding: Electronics Details: Package Includes: 1x MCUV filter 1x CPL filter 1x ND4 filter 1x ND8 filter 1x ND16 filter 1x ND32 filter 1x Filter box Package Dimensions: 3.8 x 3.2 x 0.8 inches

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