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Marmara hand painted sandals

من Topkeeping

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Custom-painted and hand-finished by photography duo Sally Ann & Emily May, the "Marmara" was inspired by a photograph taken by the artists."These are the colours that we've always been drawn to that come from different summer memories. This photograph represents the floating adventure in our creative and personal life together, when no dream is too surreal to be real. We think of a beach that's miles long, a landscape that's all high rise, and still water. That feeling of jumping into a cobalt sea with a low-hanging sun toasting the back of our necks. An old book, bleached by time. A memory." - Sally & Emily.Each pair is finished with blue, white, and purple paint texture, dripping into the soft cross upper straps, creating a fusion of fashion and art.*Products may vary slightly from the image due to individual paint strokes.


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