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Flexible Silicone Ice Cube Mold

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Description Create unforgettable cuisine: Provide delicious dishes in unforgettable packaging. The mold has four kinds of Unique zombie popsicle design, So everyone can Choose what you like. These undead creatures from the delicate face To the feet will impress everyone To enjoy frozen zombies, Just mix your ingredients, Pour into molds, freeze, Then enjoy the perfectly formed zombies. For best results, Please run the mold in warm water to release the silicone before taking it out. Surprise and joy of Skeleton Stick: The reusable stick is shaped like a skull, To appease zombie killers of all ages. The handle is shaped like a zombie leg, Comes with torn pants, Created a fully formed undead creature for children and adults. Keep the base upright when freezing: The sturdy base will not shake or tilt in the refrigerator, Ensure minimal disturbance during freezing. Each side of the base contains a handle, It is easy to carry from the counter to the freezer. After freezing, the silicone mold can be removed from the base, For more compact storage. Make all kinds of frozen food: Mix and match your favorite juice, Yogurt, fruit puree and vegetable puree, leftover smoothies, ice cream, etc., Make unique snacks every time. Mix your favorite flavor combination, Then pour the liquid into the mold, Place in the base. After filling, gently insert the wooden stick into the liquid, Frozen until solid. Each mold can hold 2. 64 fluid ounces. Dimensions and maintenance: 10. 5" LX 4" WX 5. 5" H; The dishwasher is safe and easy to clean.
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  • EAN: 762359593847
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