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Comfortable Sleeping Bag Plush Toy

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Description BABY'S FIRST BABY DOLL A soft toy suitable for babies aged 6 months and above. This baby soothing toy is as cute as a bug, Just waiting for the little playmate to call it his toy. Soft and close baby love This incredibly cute doll Using super soft plush fabric, Embroidered facial features and letters, Ribbon hair and satin lining sleeping cabin. Snuggle Bug has always been a kind of Classic "walking around" baby toys. Parenting Game: Snuggle Pods Is the first perfect doll, For babies to hug and snuggle, Also suitable for young children to hug, Lift and nurture. Their arms outstretched, Sleepy eyes and friendly smile are very cute, Very suitable as a baby shower gift. Comfortable bedtime companion: Snuggle Bug It's easy for small hands to comfortably tuck into the satin-lined sleeping cabin. When your baby is in them When my favorite comforting partner stays overnight, Maybe they will be ready to be stuffed in by themselves. The size is 18cm.

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