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Portable Bicycle Headlight

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Description: Specifications: Name Bicycle cable computer horn headlight Color Black and blue Material ABS T6 lamp beads 1 Gear Strong light-low light-flash Size 84*44*3mm Weight 175 g Waterproof rating IPX5 Decibel volume 120 decibels Battery High capacity lithium battery 1200mAh Charging method USB Features: -3 lighting modes: High-gloss beads, anti-glare design Bicycle headlights have three light modes 400 lumens high brightness According to preference Choose light mode: Strong light-low light-flash. -Speaker: 120 db tweeter Ensure your journey is safe. 5 kinds of integrated speakers, 120 decibel speakers Split speaker design, double switch button Change the ringtone in 1 second. -IPX5 waterproof: sealed and waterproof design Don't be afraid to ride on rainy days. The package includes: 1 * Headlight 1 * USB data cable 1 * Fixed base 1 * Horn switch 1 * Computer Sensor 1 * Code table data receiver

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