145mm Wavy Shower Door Handle | 14.5cm Hole to Hole

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145mm Wavy Shower Door Handle | 14.5cm Hole to Hole

من Di Vapor

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Wavy shower door handle from Di Vapor. The fixing holes are in a straight parallel line from each other 14.5cm apart (and are therefore not offset because of the wavy style of the handle).Easy fitting - Simply unscrew your old handle and refit your new handle in minutes. The handle is made from stainless steel which has a chrome coat.A great quality handle which would look great on most shower enclosures. Please pop us a message via our spares finder if you have any questions. + You can also reach us on WhatsApp (07379 120664). Di Vapor is here to help with your spares needs Messages received on a weekend will be responded to on Monday.
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