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Anti- Anxiety Decompression Toyset

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Description [Stimulating and decompressing sensory toys] Anti-anxiety tool, children's adult sensory irritability toy set, Decompression toys can relieve stress and release anxiety. It is ADHD, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, The best companion for patients with autism, anxiety, etc. [Helps to relieve stress and anxiety] It is the perfect way to relieve stress. This stress relief kit can help teenagers and adults through squeezing, Stretch and turn the device in your hand to relieve stress, Irritability and anxiety. Each device has different sensory actions, Suitable for children with ADD or ADHD, And have obsessive-compulsive disorder or stress, Highly anxious and autistic stimulation device. [Safety high-end material manufacturing] Each pressure reducer is made of non-toxic and environmentally friendly materials, Safe for children and adults. Meets American testing standards. Have fun and use it confidently. [Easy to carry] These small appliances can be placed in your hands, Easy to carry. You can be in the office, home, Churches, libraries, stations, special education classrooms, The treatment room and sensory room even play on the road. They are also good for family and friends. Cool appliances. [Awesome gift] This stress relief kit is perfect for children and adults. Very suitable for children's birthday parties, School classroom rewards, holiday party gifts, Carnival and Piata Goodie bag stuffing etc. Treatment room and sensory room, even on the road. They are also good for family and friends. Cool appliances.

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