2.5w Solar Powered Fountain Pump For Bird Bath For Pool, Garden, Pond, Water Circulation

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2.5w Solar Powered Fountain Pump For Bird Bath For Pool, Garden, Pond, Water Circulation

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unlike Other Types Of Solar Fountains, Ours Has Been Designed With Built-in Battery Backup So That The Fountain Will Continue To Work And Spray Water At A Consistent Flow Even If 3-4 Of The Solar Panels Have Been Covered By Debris. Ankway Has Been Engaging In Garden Products For 12 Years, Especially In The Solar Pump. More Than 2000,000 Customers Chose Ankway Solar Fountain Pump To Attract The Birds. made Of High-impact Abs Plastic And Having Been Enormous Technological Breakthroughs In Waterproof Grade, Ankway Solar Pond Fountains Have Unique Ip68 Waterproof Design And Can Work 48 Month. Much More Durable Than Other Less Waterproof Grade Pump. this Eco Friendly Solar Pump Is Perfect For Bird Bath, Fish Tank, Small Pond, Pool, Garden, Water Circulation For Oxygen. It Constantly Sprays Water, Not Only To Attract Birds To Drink In Your Birdbath, But Also To Add Fun To Your Children While Playing In The Pool And Garden. It's A Perfect Choice For Small Gifts To Your Family, Friends. weve Intelligently Designed Our Solar Fountain Pump So That It Will Automatically Shut Off If There Is No Water Or If The Pump Gets Blocked By Debris So That It Wont Idling And Damage Itself. If The Solar Fountain Detects Water Shortage Stops Working, You Just Need To Add Water To It And It Will Work.

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