4 Pack Record Player Needle Turntable Stylus Replacement Turntable Phonograph Player

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4 Pack Record Player Needle Turntable Stylus Replacement Turntable Phonograph Player

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Material: Aluminum + ABSSize: 4.0 cm * 4.0 cm * 2.0 cmcolor: redQuantity: 4 pcsPackage content: 4 pcs * phonograph stylus1. Material: This dial needle is made of durable ABS plastic and aluminum arm. The conical diamond-shaped ceramic needle design guarantees long-term playback and perfectly interprets human voices and music.2. Compatibility: The ruby ceramic stylus is compatible with most phonographs currently on the market. Such as: Crosley, Ion, Numark, Bush, Sanyo, Fisher, Sony, Pyle, Philips, Gemini, etc.3. High sound quality: Provide thousands of rotations to extend the playback time. Durable, longer playing time. Powerful tracking ability, dual channel (stereo), enhanced cartridge with cone stylus, providing better bass response and greater realism.4. Convenient installation: the turntable needle is easy to install, the record needle is simple and sturdy, and it is easy to install without any tools. You can easily install the recording needle in your hand.5. Packaging: The form of protection protects the turntable needle from damage. There are 4 stylus pens in total, the number is enough to meet your needs; compare and measure the needle you are currently using with the picture to make sure it fits your gramophone.
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