4 Pack Sports Headband For Women, Hidarling Lightweight Headband Sweat Band, Sweatband Non Slip

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4 Pack Sports Headband For Women, Hidarling Lightweight Headband Sweat Band, Sweatband Non Slip

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Comfortable and Lightweight Material- The sweat bands is made of polyester and spandex, which is comfortable, stretchy, and absorbs sweat but not feel uncomfortable on the skin. Our headband weighs only 14 grams, just like a part of your body.Breathable & Fast-drying- They will absorb a lot of sweat without feeling wet because of the special double layer fabric and breathable mesh design. Keep youself cooler and comfortable in activities. Don't worry sweat more strongly than others in the summer.Good fit and good elasticity- They will not slip off although you have silky and smooth hair with a small head. You also will not feel very tight or pull the hair if you are a large beets. Fit sizing from 9.05 inches (regular) to 13.78 inches (stretched). Our great headbands for lockdown when your hair is growing out of control, and don't put pressure on your head. Versatile- From weight lifting workouts, marathon or cross fit sessions. To just even wearing it as a hairband around the head. Here are just some of the other uses our customers use it for yoga, running, football, working outside or work in the kitchen, basketball, tennis, cycling, exercising, gymnastics, hiking, jogging, swimming, and it can be works great with helmet. Lovely choice of colours.- Pink, blue, black, grey, 4 different fashion colors suitable for any clothing needs and immediately enhance your style. That's why our headband is the accessory for your beautiful up do, cute ponytail or loose hair. The headband can be washed without any worries of shrinking or losing it's color.

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