Dslr Camera Lens Hood, Bayonet, Bag Case

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Dslr Camera Lens Hood, Bayonet, Bag Case

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Dslr Camera Lens Hood, Bayonet, Bag Case. Features: Hood is Set in Front of the Lens Used Photographic Accessories, Metal, Hard Plastic, Soft Plastic and Other Materials. It Has the Following Effects: 1. In the Backlight, Side Light or Flash Photography, to Prevent the Entry of Non-imaging Light to Avoid Haze. 2. In Light and Side Light Photography Along, to Avoid Scattering Light into the Lens Around. 3. When the Light Photography or Night Photography, Interference Can Be Avoided Around the Light Entering the Lens. 4. to Prevent Accidental Damage to the Lens, Also Avoid Finger Inadvertently Lens Surface, but Also to Some Extent for the Lens Block Sand, Rain and Snow. SPECIFICATIONS Use: DSLR Camera Style: Handbags Type: Camera Lens Hood 58mm EW-63C Material: PVC Package: No Accessories Type: Camera Lens Hood 58mm EW-63C Material : ABS Plastic Design : Bayonet Mount Net Weight : 0.015 Kg Color : Black Package Includes :1 (piece) X EW-63C Lens Hood. We are an international seller, your order will be shipped from abroad so please allow the necessary time of minimum 14 working days for delivery right now depending on where you ship to, due to ongoing delays in postal deliveries globally.
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