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Ipx6 Waterproof Bicycle Light

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Description Specifications: Transmitter type: 2 XPE Light tone: cool white Material: Made of aviation-grade aluminum alloy 5 modes: Low (more than 4 hours) Medium (over 3.5 hours) High (over 2.5 hours) Strobe-SOS Lumens: 1000LM The current 0.25A low---0.5A medium--1.0A high Voltage 3.0-4.5V Charging time 4h Battery configuration: 1800 mA Discharge (maximum power discharge) 3.8-4.2V green light 3.4-3.8V light blue light 3.2-3.4V red light (need to charge immediately) Red below 3.2V Charging (charging current 1000MA) 3.0-3.4V red light flashing 3.4-3.8V blue light flashes 3.8-4.1V flashing green light 4.2V Rreen Light (full) Maximum output: 1000 lumens Range: 300 meters Lens: High transparent concave lens Raincoat: IPX6 waterproof Color: black Weight: 120g Size: 48*26*80mm Illumination angle 150 Features: Smart battery display USB charging makes it more convenient to use. Easy installation, anti-drop protection. Recommended for night riding Mountain bike Fixed gear bicycles, etc. 150 wide-angle, no dead-angle illumination. Package includes: 1 x headlight

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