Rl Stainless Steel Chopstick , Spiral Chopsticks 22.5cm Long Lightweight

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Rl Stainless Steel Chopstick , Spiral Chopsticks 22.5cm Long Lightweight

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Product descriptionMaterial: stainless steelChopstick length: 22.5 cmColor: style 1, style 2Quantity: 5 pairsPackage includes: 5 pairs of chopsticksWarm tips:1. Please keep the chopsticks out of the reach of children to avoid injury.2. The child must not use the chopsticks without supervision.1.DURABLE HARD MATERIAL: Our Metal Steel Chopsticks are made of metal and silver tone which can give you a comfortable experience to use it when you are eating with it. These chopsticks are much more durable than bamboo chopsticks and have nice small swirly design and tapered end for easy food pickup.2.Size: The length of our metal steel chopsticks is approx 22.5cm. The item include 5 pairs which is suitable for family. Its a nice dishware for your daily use to have dinner. Resuable and very environment-friendly instead of using disposable chopsticks, lightweight, safe and convenient for clean up.3.Design: On the top of these chopsticks we adopt passivating treatment to avoid injuries. Its ideal for any Asian-style dinner party, Sushi Night and any Asian features party.4.PRODUCT CHARACTERISTICS: Unique and exquisite design, you will not feel tired after long time use. Our products are adopt stainless steel to prevent chopsticks from getting stained and going bad when in contact with food therefore they can be used for a long time.5.FUNCTIONS: Lightweight and heat insulation. Our metal steel chopsticks has lightweight which is easy to carry. Its a great idea for travelling. Its heat insulation which can help you eat hot food, like hotpot and every kind of Asian food.nbsp; (zhongchengdaye)

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